Kelowna Mortgages: Kelowna and Westbank Mortgage Broker

  • Refinancing your existing Mortgage?
  • Looking to add a HELOC – Home Equity Line of Credit?
  • Are you moving, but have not yet sold your existing home?
  • Is your credit suffering – and you need to pull cash out of your home in order to pay off high interest credit cards?
  • Did you buy a pre-construction new build when the market was high and now you’re facing the closing and are worried about getting a mortgage?

With the current market conditions in the Okanagan, coupled with the changes to the lending policies in Canada, now is not the time to trust someone newer to our industry. Call Nikki Harrison today. Call an Expert.

Q. With the current economic situation, is it a good idea to refinance or buy?

A. The real estate market in the Okanagan, as in most other places in Canada, has slowed down dramatically. The Mortgage Market has pulled back on many of its product offerings, while the lenders and investors sit back and wait for the Global Economy to repair from the damage caused by the U.S. Sub-Prime mortgage disaster. Interest rates are still very desirable and low, it is still an excellent time to refinance and especially, to buy. With the current situation, we are finally back in a buyers market and sellers are ready to negotiate a more reasonable price on their property! If you have any specific questions with regard to your situation, feel free to give Nikki a call directly.